BHS, Inc. Releases Dyna Reel Platforms to Simplify Storage and Handling of Cable Reels

July 9, 2019 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading provider of material handling equipment for the electrical industry, is offering a new, low-cost solution for storing, filling, and paying out cable reels. The Dyna Reel Platform (DRP) stores bulk cable reels on a bed of steel rollers, allowing users to smoothly pull product without moving reels.

Users who need more mobility can choose the Dyna Reel Platform Attachment (DRPA), a similar product that has models that fit onto lift truck forks (DRPA-FP) or pallet jacks (DRPA-PJ). Both options provide new opportunities for compact storage and quick, ergonomic access in industries that depend on cable reels, including suppliers, construction electricians, and telecommunications providers.

“Our customers were looking for a way to store fully loaded cable reels at ground level, without hanging them from racking units, and there just weren’t a lot of options,” said Melissa Bowen, of the BHS marketing team. “The Dyna Reel holds reels safely, and when you need to pull a run, it’s ready to go.”

DRPA-PJ-with-spoolBoth the DRP and its forklift-ready counterpart, the DRPA, feature adjustable rollers to accommodate cable reels of virtually any size. An optional tie-down kit helps to ensure stability during pulls, while the design of the base avoids contact with cable to prevent damage during payout.

“Not every cable user needs to store dozens of reels or haul a full five-compartment Parallel Reel Payout around the job site,” said Bowen. “The market was light on simple, reliable payout options for one reel at a time. The Dyna Reel family of products was designed to fill that niche.”

Dyna Reel Platform and Dyna Reel Platform Attachments are both available now from BHS dealers. Learn more by calling BHS, Inc. at 1.800.BHS.9500.