Cable Trailers as a Value-Added Solution for Electrical Distributors

The electrical supply business is all about establishing new value for customers, and providing that value means offering practical solutions to real-world problems. This is particularly crucial in ground-up construction, where workers encounter a number of unique challenges that can delay the completion of the project.

One of those challenges is fairly obvious to electrical workers: At the earliest stage of a project, finding flat surfaces for cable pulling is, quite literally, a pain. Electricians must work slowly and carefully to avoid accidental damage, and when cable or wire needs to be moved to another part of the worksite, work stops completely while the product is transported. 

Even when distributors provide access to high-quality custom paralleling equipment — and even when forklifts are able to move reels over rough ground, which isn’t always practically possible — workers encounter unnecessary ergonomic hazards during this rough stage of construction. Pulling cable from odd angles or inconsistent elevations raises the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, and few construction electricians enjoy working with imprecise equipment. Put simply, the work is difficult and inefficient.

Improving Custom Paralleling with the Parallel Reel Payout Trailer

The Parallel Reel Payout Trailer (PRP-TRL) addresses the problem by functioning as a complete turn-key solution for onsite cable pulling. Ideal for ground-up construction, it features 2-3 multi-compartment reel sets positioned on 360-degree turntables that allow for smooth, precise cable pulls. Workers can turn a reel-set unit, lock it at the appropriate angle, and easily access heavy-duty wire. Individual hubs can be locked to prevent unwanted payout, minimizing lost product. 

Since the PRP units face the direction of cable pulls, construction electricians are able to complete multiple pulls without transporting the actual trailer—and they can easily detach PRP units for off-trailer deployment anywhere on the worksite. When the trailer needs to be moved, workers can accomplish that task with relative ease, even across rough ground. The PRP Trailer is designed to fit inside enclosed tractor-trailers for long-haul transport, and various models are available to address the needs of different projects. Each model can be affixed with a custom set of fixed and free-spinning reels, adding additional versatility.

The Parallel Reel Payout Trailer as a Value-Added Service

On the worksite, this approach has obvious advantages, but the Parallel Reel Payout Trailer also has considerable benefits for electrical distributors. The PRP Trailer offers a unique value-added solution to customers. When workers are able to access custom paralleled wire anywhere on the site, they’re able to work more efficiently — and more safely, since the individual Parallel Reel Payouts are designed with ergonomics in mind. 

For years, many BHS partners have used Parallel Reel Payouts along with the Spool Winding Trolley to offer high-quality custom paralleling for their customers. These tools dramatically improve order fulfillment, as the Spool Winding Trolley counts the length of wire and cable for distribution, saving time and money, while the PRP ensures smooth payout. The PRP Trailer offers another key improvement to custom paralleling services by addressing a pain point specific to the ground-level construction phase. Customers receive a solution that improves productivity, construction electricians can work more precisely, and electrical distributors can differentiate their businesses from competitors.

The PRP may be leased, sold, or promoted as a convenience service with cable sales or installation. In any case, distributors benefit from improved customer loyalty by offering a service or product that solves a common — and frustrating — problem.