BHS Announces Online Knowledge Base for Material Handling Industry Professionals

April 28, 2015 – St. Louis, MO – Battery Handling Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling and battery changing equipment, has announced the creation of an industry knowledge base, accessible on the company’s website at

The knowledge base features product comparisons, safety recommendations, and other resources for material handling industry professionals. References are available with every document, and downloadable PDFs allow visitors to easily print and share the information.

“By creating a centralized resource, we hope to provide warehouse managers and other decision makers with direct access to industry-specific information,” said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. “This info usually isn’t available anywhere else. With a few quick clicks, a visitor can easily compare different products and technologies to run a safer, more efficient operation.”

BHS plans to regularly add new content to the knowledge base, including essential research for material handling industry insiders. Some of the first posts include papers comparing fast charge and hydrogen fuel cell technologies with properly implemented battery handling equipment. Detailed graphs and tables explain the benefits of each option for facilities of different sizes.

Unlike similar industry knowledge bases, BHS provides articles with detailed references, allowing for fast independent research. Decision makers can read unbiased information from multiple sources before making equipment purchasing decisions.

“We want our clients to improve the productivity and safety of their facilities, especially in relation to material handling equipment,” said Cortinovis. “Our goal with the knowledge base is not just to sell products, but to create an indispensable resource for the entire material handling industry.”

The BHS knowledge base is directly accessible at New content is added every month, and the company also maintains an active blog with additional tips for material handling industry professionals.