Battery Room Best Practices Published

In the fall of 2012, a BHS customer asked if we had a list of general guidelines for maintaining the most efficient and safest forklift battery room. Of course, we had several documents outlining the various ways to maintain equipment, personnel safety, and workflow, but had not yet combined all of our recommendations into one easy-to-read document. In March of 2013, after months of research and deliberation, BHS proudly published BHS Battery Room Best Practices.

Fast forward to the fall of 2014 – BHS Battery Room Best Practices has been referenced several times in industry blogs, infographics, and online videos. In fact, one customer recently argued that BHS Battery Room Best Practices was so valuable that we shouldn’t be giving it away for free. Battery Room Best PracticesWell, we do and will continue to give it away for free because it is very important to us that everyone in the industry remain informed. BHS has always valued education as an important part of creating a safe and efficient workplace, and we are committed to making educational materials freely available online.

The Battery Room section of our website provides advice from the experts to help you plan your Battery Room location, choose the best-fit equipment for your needs, plan for maintenance, meet safety requirements, and plan for future capacity needs. The BHS online Library also offers a Battery Room Survey which allows you to take stock of your facility with an eye on Best Practice safety regulations. Contact an Inside Sales Account Manager for more information on applying BHS Battery Room Best Practices in your facility today.