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5 Electrical Sales Tips for Distributors

Whatever salespeople learned in 2019, much of it didn’t apply in 2020, as the unconventional year changed most industries in profound ways. For electrical distributors, many of those changes were difficult; according to one April survey, the electrical distribution channel diminished 10 percent during the lockdowns at the beginning of the pandemic, with particularly steep declines in metropolitan areas and… Continue Reading

BHS, Inc. Brings IIoT Solutions to Forklift Fleet Management

July 08, 2020 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading provider of forklift battery handling equipment since 1979, offers a fleet management system that collects, stores, and analyzes data in the cloud. The newly redesigned Fleet Tracker® system streamlines forklift fleet operation by processing real-time information on battery rotation, fleet maintenance, and asset utilization — all used to right size a fleet through the reports on the manager’s dashboard. “Most battery fleet management systems only do one thing,” said Trent Boothe, BHS Senior Project Manager. “They guide battery room operators to charged batteries. But picking the right battery isn’t enough.” Fleet Tracker’s Operator Portal runs on a touchscreen tablet attached to the Operator Aboard Battery Extractor’s dash. The… Continue Reading

Mobile Loading Docks, Yard Ramps, and Dock Ramps: What to Know

For businesses in the logistics industry — and businesses tangential to the logistics industry — proper loading dock equipment is critical for ensuring safety and efficiency. That means that when you’re designing a warehouse, you need to carefully consider how loading tasks will be carried out (and which products will make that process go as smoothly as possible). Of course, the proper dock equipment varies with the needs of the individual business, and evaluating the features and capabilities of different options can be difficult at first. That’s especially true when choosing loading ramps. Here’s a quick overview of the most commonly accepted industry terminology: Permanent dock ramps assist in loading and unloading when vehicles regularly dock at a single location…. Continue Reading

BHS, Inc. Updates Forklift Battery Extractors with IIoT Connectivity

March 09, 2020 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of battery handling equipment for forklift users, recently updated their flagship line of Operator Aboard Battery Extractors. Beginning February 7, 2020, BHS Battery Extractors will ship with an Industrial Internet of Things package included as a standard feature. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to a cloud computing environment heavy on machine-to-machine communication, data sharing, and real-time reporting. A key facet of the tech-driven approach known as Industry 4.0, IIoT equipment allows industrial users to take advantage of data-based strategies to achieve greater productivity and lower costs. These strategies include predictive maintenance, productivity tracking, and real-time reporting. In order to collect the data necessary for these… Continue Reading

BHS, Inc Joins the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED)

Feb. 19, 2020 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electrical material handling equipment, is officially a member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED). But there’s a twist. The Midwestern company is known as the manufacturer behind material handling solutions like the Parallel Reel Payout and the Spool Winding Trolley. Despite this reputation for manufacturing, BHS has joined NAED not as a manufacturer, but as a Service Allied Partner. The move highlights BHS’ role as a custom solutions designer, material handling integrator, and Industry 4.0 pioneer in the electrical distribution space. “People know us as a manufacturer,” said Melissa Bowen, of BHS marketing. “But when we looked at the member categories at NAED, we… Continue Reading

BHS, Inc. Joins the Material Handling Equipment Dealer’s Association (MHEDA)

Feb. 4, 2020 – St. Louis, MO – BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment for engineered system integration, recently joined the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA). Company leadership plans to build partnerships within the venerable trade organization, extending their unique capabilities in custom material handling integration to a broader market. As integrating material handling systems has moved to the center of the company’s core competencies, enrolling in MHEDA was an easy decision, said Melissa Bowen of the BHS marketing team. “We’ve been manufacturing material handling equipment from the start,” Bowen said. “But as our integration capabilities have expanded over the years, it made sense to get out there in the community and look for new partners… Continue Reading

BHS, Inc.’s Will Call Dropbox is the Parcel Locker for Industrial Applications

Feb. 3, 2020 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment, now offers the Will Call Dropbox, a heavy-duty parcel locker with full IIoT functionality. Increasingly familiar with online consumers, parcel lockers provide secure, centralized access to packages 24 hours a day. With the Will Call Dropbox, the same option arrives for B2B applications. “A typical pick-up locker from, say, Amazon or UPS, isn’t designed for the weight and size of construction materials or industrial tools,” said Melissa Bowen of the BHS marketing department. “Our Will Call Dropbox fills the gap for B2B distributors.” Electrical wholesalers, material distributors, and supply chain professionals can use Will Call Dropboxes to simplify fulfillment and recieving, Bowen said…. Continue Reading

BHS, Inc. Expands Key Production Facility by 10,000 Square Feet

Jan. 7, 2020 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment for a variety of industries, is growing in more ways than one. The company recently expanded one of the four buildings on its campus by 10,000 square feet, bringing the company’s manufacturing footprint to nearly 150,000 square feet. “We’re always working on new material handling solutions, but the pace of innovation is really accelerating,” said Melissa Bowen of the BHS marketing team. “As we build more cloud integrations into our products, our material needs are growing, and our inventory is growing; it was time for our infrastructure to grow, too.” The expansion takes place in BHS’ “Lotsie” building, named for the boulevard in… Continue Reading

BHS Inc. Offers Trench Lid Lifter for Safer Access to Utility Trenches

BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment, now offers a Trench Lid Lifter (TLL-300) designed to access trenches with covers featuring pick holes or grates. Utility trench access has long been associated with risk of injury; lifting concrete and metal lids can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, while a dropped lid can break fingers, toes, and worse. The BHS TLL-300 significantly reduces these risks while making access easier and more efficient. Ergonomic features include comfortable grips, an adjustable handle, and low-force lifting capability. “A lot of the lid lifters you see on the market grasp lids at the lip, requiring clearance at the edge,” said Melissa Bowen of BHS marketing. “Or, worse, they’re just hooks that place all the… Continue Reading