4 Industrial Uses for a Lift Table with Turntable Surface

Scissor Lift Tables are especially versatile tools for material handling, and in recent years, industrial operations have found novel uses for these devices. A BHS Lift Table with a turntable top is even more formidable — workers can keep loads perfectly positioned while handling tasks that require significant dexterity. The turntable top ensures a high level of productivity by removing a major ergonomic hazard.

While we’ve written quite a few articles about BHS Lift Tables and their role in a forward-thinking approach to ergonomics, much of their benefit comes from industry-specific — and business-specific — applications. When equipped with a turntable top, a BHS Lift Table can provide a safe work surface for a variety of tasks including:

  • Order Packing – Lift Tables position loads at an ergonomic height, reducing the need for bending, twisting, and lifting. Order packing isn’t always a straightforward process, and a turntable surface allows workers to handle orders while minimizing reaching and other awkward movements.
  • Pallet Building and Unloading – Lift Tables with turntable tops are ideal for on-the-spot palletizing, particularly in operations that do not have the floorspace for dedicated pallet-building stations.The BHS Pallet Carousel and Skid Positioner (PCP) is a better long-term workstation solution for handling pallet loads. Available with spring-operated or pneumatic leveling mechanisms, the PCP automatically adjusts pallet height, gradually raising or lowering loads to a working level.
  • Feeding Manufacturing and Assembly Lines – Rotating surfaces are ideal for assembly and manufacturing, as they allow the operator to grab tools or components without leaving their workstation. The turntable top provides access to tools while minimizing the workstation’s footprint.
  • Welding – Keeping work properly positioned ensures productivity and worker safety. Lift Tables can be used for smaller jobs, increasing throughput by giving welders better access to the work or to their tools.Note that work should be appropriately secured during welding. Manually changing the orientation of parts can be dangerous and inefficient, and welders need to exercise extreme care when using moving work surfaces. Work positioners should comply with ANSI Z49.1:2012, OSHA 1926:350351, and all other applicable regulations.

Choosing a Lift Table with a Turntable Top

When choosing a Lift Table for your business, you’ll need to consider the speed bumps in your workflow and identify possible ergonomic hazards. If workers have tasks that require them to walk around their load — or if they need to access several sides of the load during the course of their work — a Lift Table with a turntable top will improve ergonomics and boost productivity.

BHS Lift Tables with rotating work surfaces include:

  • Scissor Lift Table (LT) – BHS Scissor Lift Tables are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, all of which can be equipped with turntables, ball transfers, or roller conveyors. Capable of handling loads of up to 10,000 pounds, the LT series features reliable steel construction and powerful hydraulics, which can be activated via a foot control for effortless lifting and positioning.
  • Pallet Carousel & Skid Positioner (PCP) – Designed specifically for palletizing and skid loading/unloading, the PCP automatically raises or lowers as weight is added or removed. It’s available with either a spring-actuated or pneumatic airbag-actuated lifting mechanism. Both options feature a 360-degree rotating turntable with anti-friction bearings.
  • Self-Leveling Mobile Lift Table (SMLT) – When stationary Lift Tables aren’t suitable for a certain job, the BHS Self-Leveling Mobile Lift Table can be an effective solution. The entire table is fully mobile on 6” casters (two rigid and two swivel) for easy maneuverability, and the tabletop surface provides versatility for order picking and other tasks.

The right material handling equipment will protect workers and improve throughput substantially, regardless of application. To discuss options or to determine whether a Lift Table is suitable for a particular industrial application, contact the BHS sales team today.