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Ergonomic Material Handling for Utility Worker Safety in Telecom

Academically, ergonomics is the study of work and how it interacts with the human body. As an applied science, ergonomics involves matching the work to the worker. The goal is to eliminate discomfort and injury on the job. Ergonomics plays an especially important role in the telecom industry, where utility workers face particular risks: working at height, handling heavy and… Continue Reading

OSHA Recordable Events and Reportable Incidents: Know the Differences

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires most employers to record workplace injuries and illnesses. (Some relatively safe industries, and small businesses with fewer than 11 employees, are exempt from OSHA record-keeping rules.) But OSHA has different requirements for different types of injuries. Some are considered OSHA recordable events, meaning they must be documented according to OSHA’s guidelines. Others… Continue Reading

Streamlining On-Site Forklift Battery Service for Dealers

If you rent forklift batteries, you probably prefer to handle maintenance yourself. Reliable forklift batteries keep customers coming back — and regular service is essential for battery health. Besides, those batteries aren’t just sources of motive power. They’re also core business assets. Protecting them is also protecting your bottom line. But for many forklift battery dealers, service can be tricky…. Continue Reading