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Industrial Reel Racks: 3 Key Factors to Consider

Without proper storage, wire and cable reels can quickly become unmanageable. Industrial reel racks improve organization and maximize floor space, and they’re essential when workers pay out cable or wire from a consistent location. While shelving is a functional option for long-term storage, racking is the best option for reels that are used regularly — and the quality of racking… Continue Reading

How Do Scissor Lift Tables Work?

Scissor Lift Tables play a critical role in thousands of workplaces by ergonomically positioning loads where workers can reach them comfortably. That’s an important task in warehousing, logistics, and other industries, since proper ergonomics keeps workers safe while maximizing throughput. A quality Lift Table can substantially improve productivity, making it an excellent investment. However, while scissor Lift Tables have similar… Continue Reading

Watering Forklift Batteries: The Complete Guide for Battery Room Operators

With proper maintenance, a forklift battery should last 1,500 cycles (or about five years). Unfortunately, that’s not a guarantee — and without proper maintenance, a battery might experience significant performance issues well before the scheduled end of its service life. This guide covers every aspect of forklift battery watering, a crucial factor in determining the life of your lift trucks’… Continue Reading

Plan For Every Part (PFEP) Material Flow: Where Data Meets Material Handling

It’s common for manufacturers to practice the lean philosophy of continuous improvement. But typically, that improvement occurs only on the line, through changes in labor practice or manufacturing techniques. Material flow is often the last place managers look for innovation. That’s a costly oversight. The Lean Enterprise Institute reports that materials and material handling make up between 50 and 80… Continue Reading