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Cable Reel Lifting Equipment for Forklifts: A Buying Guide

Cable reels serve an essential function on worksites, protecting the product and ensuring smooth payout. However, transporting reels from place to place can be difficult, particularly in smaller facilities with narrow aisles. Reels are heavy, valuable, and physically large, so manual transportation is out of the question. The most obvious solution is to use existing heavy-duty equipment — namely, lift… Continue Reading

Tilt Tables for Work Positioning: Benchtop Tilters, Lift/Tilters, Upenders, and More

Work positioning is one of the most crucial considerations when developing a plan for better ergonomics. If employees need to bend, twist, or lift regularly, they’re at a higher risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders — and they’re probably not working at peak efficiency, either. Ergonomic devices fit the work to the worker, reducing the number and severity of musculoskeletal disorders… Continue Reading

Cable Trailers as a Value-Added Solution for Electrical Distributors

The electrical supply business is all about establishing new value for customers, and providing that value means offering practical solutions to real-world problems. This is particularly crucial in ground-up construction, where workers encounter a number of unique challenges that can delay the completion of the project. One of those challenges is fairly obvious to electrical workers: At the earliest stage… Continue Reading