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The Electrician Shortage in U.S. Industry: How Material Handling Equipment Can Help

This is a great time to be an electrician, but it’s not a great time to hire one. There’s a shortage of electricians in the United States, and electrical distributors should provide additional products and value-added services to help contractors get more done with fewer workers. How serious is the electrician shortage? According to the National Electrical Contractors Association, 10,000… Continue Reading

Eye Wash Stations: Requirements for Forklift Battery Rooms

Safety is a particularly important consideration in the battery room, where employees regularly work with high-voltage electricity, corrosive materials, and heavy-duty equipment — all of which present serious hazards. Investments in battery room safety are vital for preventing and responding to accidents, and eye wash stations are especially important for accident response. OSHA’s requirements for battery room eye protection fall… Continue Reading