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4 Industrial Uses for a Lift Table with Turntable Surface

Scissor Lift Tables are especially versatile tools for material handling, and in recent years, industrial operations have found novel uses for these devices. A BHS Lift Table with a turntable top is even more formidable — workers can keep loads perfectly positioned while handling tasks that require significant dexterity. The turntable top ensures a high level of productivity by removing… Continue Reading

Fast Charging vs. Opportunity Charging: What’s the Difference?

When your business depends on lift trucks for throughput, battery charging deserves careful analysis. Many operations have adopted fast charging and opportunity charging, two similar — but distinct — alternatives to conventional battery charging practices. Advocates of these technologies note that a well-implemented fast/opportunity charge plan will improve lift truck efficiency by reducing or eliminating the need to change forklift… Continue Reading

OSHA Standards for Industrial Work Platforms Mounted on Forklifts

As every employer knows (and as we’ve discussed in numerous articles on this site), OSHA standards can be extraordinarily complex. That’s especially true regarding material handling equipment. While OSHA’s standards set out some basic rules for ensuring worker safety, interpretation becomes significantly more difficult when considering removable attachments and their various applications. When those attachments carry workers — as is… Continue Reading

BHS, Inc. Brings IIoT Solutions to Forklift Fleet Management

July 08, 2020 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading provider of forklift battery handling equipment since 1979, offers a fleet management system that collects, stores, and analyzes data in the cloud. The newly redesigned Fleet Tracker® system streamlines forklift fleet operation by processing real-time information on battery rotation, fleet maintenance, and asset utilization — all used to right size a fleet through the reports on the manager’s dashboard. “Most battery fleet management systems only do one thing,” said Trent Boothe, BHS Senior Project Manager. “They guide battery room operators to charged batteries. But picking the right battery isn’t enough.” Fleet Tracker’s Operator Portal runs on a touchscreen tablet attached to the Operator Aboard Battery Extractor’s dash. The… Continue Reading