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Cable Reel Rollers vs. Jack Stands: Which Is Better for Pulling?

Safety and efficiency are critical factors to consider when handling industrial cable spools and reels. Both factors depend largely on the right equipment. For electricians, utility suppliers, and distribution warehouses managing cut-to-length orders, that means choosing between reel jack stands and cable reel rollers — or some combination of both. Each of these products serves the same basic function: They… Continue Reading

IIoT Maintenance: Condition-Based vs. Predictive

Industrial Internet of Things functionality can work wonders for asset uptime by allowing new models of IIoT maintenance. Before the widespread use of smart sensors and cloud-based data portals, equipment managers had to follow strict maintenance schedules, regardless of the actual condition of the machine. This led to unnecessary downtime and took assets offline at inconvenient intervals, pausing work even… Continue Reading

The Application of IoT in Logistics

The Internet of Things is reshaping the global logistics industry, providing more efficient processes in everything from equipment maintenance to order tracking. Mobile devices, cloud computing, data analytics, and a proliferating assortment of smart sensors are all developing at incredible rates. By connecting these elements — smart equipment tied into a centralized data platform accessible through the cloud — the… Continue Reading

Pallet vs. Skid: Which Is Right for Your Application?

For new warehouses and warehouse outfitters, the process of choosing pallets vs. skids is relatively straightforward, but important. Some workers (and a few managers) use the terms interchangeably, but pallets and skids have distinct benefits and drawbacks, which become particularly important when choosing material handling equipment. Here’s the basic difference: Skids have stringers and a top deck, but no bottom… Continue Reading