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BHS Case Study: Following the Success of Custom Assembly Tables, BHS, Inc. Returns with Packing Solutions

As detailed in our Case Study titled “BHS, Inc. Improves Manufacturing Efficiency with Assembly Work Stations,” the partnership between BHS, forklift dealer Carolina Handling, and end-user Connector Manufacturing had already established the value of BHS material handling integration services. All three stakeholders were pleased with the results of their previous collaboration. That made it an easy decision to reassemble the team when Connector Manufacturing described a second material handling challenge, this one in the shipping room. This project would involve special challenges. Engineers at BHS would not be able to simply supply a product of their own design; the task would require integrating multiple machines from multiple manufacturers into a comprehensive, productivity-boosting system. That system would become a new system… Continue Reading

BHS Case Study: BHS, Inc. Improves Manufacturing Efficiency with Assembly Work Stations

Over four decades, BHS, Inc. has built a reputation for industry-leading material handling equipment. But what really sets the St. Louis-based manufacturer apart is its ability to create custom material handling systems, from the design table through on-site integration. “It’s not just standardized products that we can make, and we don’t want to just be a standard manufacturer because there’s a million of them out there,” said Trent Boothe, the BHS Project Manager who oversaw the projects we discuss below. “We are the company that will manufacture equipment to fit your exact application.” Camp Jennings, Sales Manager at Carolina Handling in Birmingham, Alabama, is an early supporter of BHS’ role as material handling integrator. The forklift dealer maintains an account… Continue Reading

Material Handling Costs in Electrical Construction and How to Lower Them

One major study on material handling in electrical contracting came up with a shocking statistic: Around 40 percent of the work electricians do in the construction industry is consumed by material handling. Not cable pulls, installing conduit, or wiring light fixtures: simply moving materials around the work site. Even highly trained, highly paid union contractors end up spending nearly half… Continue Reading

Designing the Ideal Pallet Build Station for Food and Beverage Distribution Centers

Distribution of food and beverage is facing many of the same challenges as the rest of the logistics industry. Proliferating SKUs, non-standard packaging, and a wide variety of order types are all adding up to inspire the industry to adapt or fall behind. However, one thing remains the same. The basic building blocks of the shipping unit remain similar. Distributors… Continue Reading

Watering Forklift Batteries in Fast Charge Applications

Watering forklift batteries is fairly simple when you operate a well-run battery room. When chargers are distributed throughout a facility, however — as in many fast charge applications —  things get a little more complicated. First off, battery fleet management systems in traditional battery rooms ensure that all batteries remain on an adequate watering and maintenance schedule. These systems are… Continue Reading

The IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference 2019: What to Expect

The 2019 International Foodservice Distributors Association’s (IFDA) Distribution Solutions Conference takes place October 27 through 29, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. So what do they have in store for the industry this year? First off, it’s important to understand the significance of the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference within the industry. This is the major annual meeting for distributors who work within the foodservice space. Food warehouses, cold chain transportation, and supply chain specialists gather at the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference every year to navigate the latest issues and discoveries in the field of foodservice distribution. In other words, this event offers unparalleled networking within this fairly niche industry. In addition to the professional relationships that emerge… Continue Reading