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Women in Warehousing: The Value of Building and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

March is National Women’s History Month, but that’s not the only reason that this is a great time to talk about women in warehousing. We’re also at a crucial point in the development of logistics workforces, which aren’t keeping up with the industry’s growth. If businesses can’t attract new employees, we’ll start to have serious problems keeping up with the seemingly ever-growing demand for the movement of goods from one place to another. Women can help fill these roles at every level. And it isn’t just forklift operators and order pickers and packers that logistics providers will need to hire. The entire supply chain is struggling with personnel shortages. We need to attract and retain the next generation of freight…more

Preparing Docks for the Spring and Summer Seasons: What to Expect

The summer is nearly here, and now’s a good time to start preparing docks and bays at busy distribution centers for the seasonal changes. In particular, warehouse operators should get ready for two trends that are right around the corner: Summer heat — especially at the docks — and a possible uptick in carrier traffic. Consider how freight has been moving in spring and early summer over the past few years: Statistics bear out what you may have seen at warehouse docks in recent years: shipments rising as we move from spring into summer. The trends of the past few seasons could give us some clues about what to expect this year. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ Transportation…more

Retaining Warehouse Staff with Ergonomic Equipment

Hiring and retaining warehouse staff could be the next big challenge facing the logistics industry as a whole. And while you might have read a lot about the ongoing scarcity of truck drivers, the entire supply chain, from start to finish, is starting to compete for the best workers to stay ahead of the curve. These new conditions could hit unprepared warehousing operations hard. Consider the following points: In 2017, the unemployment rate in the U.S. dipped below the long-term natural rate of unemployment — the point at which the demand for jobs is at parity with the number of qualified job-seekers. Dipping below that number is a pretty clear sign of impending labor shortages. By the end of last…more

The Electronic Logging Device Rule Creates Opportunities for Shippers

The electronic logging device rule, which will be fully enforced beginning April 1, has ramifications that go far beyond the experiences of truck drivers themselves. In fact, this rule creates real opportunities — and risks — for shipper-owned distribution centers at either end of the supply chain. ELDs intensify something that has been true about the relationship between shippers and carriers since time immemorial: Shippers that detain drivers for too long at the dock get bad reputations with carriers. There’s no shortage of freight, and carriers often have the luxury of choosing which shippers they work with. So when a shipper becomes notorious for long loading and unloading times at the dock, they can expect to pay more to move…more

The Electronic Logging Device Rule and Faster Truck Turn Times at Docks

Pretty soon, the federal Electronic Logging Device rule that (mostly) went into effect on December 18 of last year will unleash full penalties for violations. As you’ll recall, late last year, truck drivers protested the oncoming mandate, which requires drivers to track all hours in the truck through electronic logging devices. Officials with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration hope this will reduce issues surrounding driver fatigue and scheduling. President Trump responded to the outcry by slowing down implementation. At least through March, drivers who are caught without e-logging devices may receive a citation, but these won’t count toward the firm’s safety record, and drivers will be allowed to keep moving along their routes. However, and this is the important…more