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Customize Shipping Room Desks to Optimize Shipping/Receiving Tasks

Workstations make a difference, and standard, off-the-shelf shipping room desks could be cutting into your productivity in more ways than one. People think of ergonomic improvements in the workplace as benefitting the employees. While that’s undeniably true, that doesn’t mean that employers don’t benefit as well—and we’re not just talking about reductions in sick days and injuries. By eliminating the… Continue Reading

Disposing of Wastewater Created by Washing Forklift Batteries

Maintaining a well-functioning lift-truck fleet requires washing batteries, and that process creates wastewater. The EPA classifies this dirty water as hazardous waste, and as such, it requires careful attention. Businesses in many other industries, such as metalworking and metal fabrication, die casting, truck wash centers, and more fall into the same boat. When operations create wastewater, they have three basic… Continue Reading

Forklift Battery Maintenance During Peak Season

The holiday season is in full swing, and that means warehouses are working overtime to fulfill orders. While permanent staff and temporary workers put in extra hours, don’t forget that your equipment is working hard, too. To get the most out of it, a little preventive maintenance can go a long way. Washing Batteries Improves Forklift Performance It’s a bit… Continue Reading

BHS, Inc. Participates in Seasonal Adopt-A-Family Giving

December 12, 2017 — St. Louis, Missouri — BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling and battery changing equipment, is raising funds for a local family through the United Way of Greater St. Louis. The annual tradition provides an opportunity for staff to share their prosperity with less fortunate residents of the St. Louis area. The United Way of Greater St. Louis and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch jointly sponsor the 100 Neediest Cases campaign every year. The effort began in 1922, and in 1954, the newspaper started profiling the top 100 cases that social workers had referred to them. The program is now one of the most successful and popular fundraisers in St. Louis. Donors can give money or… Continue Reading