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Creating A Proactive Ergonomics Action Plan for Safer Material Handling

Why should you care about ergonomics? Worker’s compensation claims are likely a major expense for your facility, and even if you’re running a relatively small operation, you’ll eventually face an on-the-job injury caused by repetitive stress. This is bad for the worker, the facility, and the quality of the product, which is why ergonomic material handling should be a primary… Continue Reading

Choosing Forklift Battery Fleet Management Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Fleet Tracker and NAB-2000

Lead-acid forklift batteries are the most reliable source of motive power in the industry, but they require strict management to operate at peak efficiency. Fleet managers must have a plan to care for their batteries, and to make that plan, they need data. A comprehensive battery room strategy covers every aspect of usage: tracking charges, choosing the best battery for… Continue Reading

Customize Lift Tables for Any Task With Tabletop Attachments

A Lift Table from BHS may be the most versatile piece of material handling equipment in your facility. These hydraulic-powered lifts incorporate into just about any production line, they allow you to create variable-height work stations for any task, and, of course, they effortlessly lift loads of up to 6,000 pounds. In short, Lift Tables are an ergonomist’s dream. Thanks… Continue Reading