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How Forklift Battery Handling Equipment Helps to Meet Federal Safety Regulations

There are a couple of basic regulatory safety issues to keep in mind when you outfit your battery room. OSHA regulations require a “conveyor, overhead hoist, or equivalent material handling equipment” to assist staff in changing forklift batteries. The reasoning is plain: Forklift batteries are heavy. Without the proper mechanical assistance, staff members are at a high risk of workplace… Continue Reading

Battery Handling Systems, Inc. Shares Customer Success Stories on New Web Page

May 23, 2016 – St. Louis, Missouri – Battery Handling Systems, Inc. (BHS), a leading manufacturer of battery handling and warehouse equipment, has launched an informative new page on their website. The latest addition to BHS’ online home will collect case studies on the company’s successes with customers, offering readers a client’s perspective on BHS products and services. These case studies include detailed analysis of many BHS products and their specific features. So far, articles have reported on the installation of Battery Extractor Systems, Wash Equipment, Battery Fleet Management Systems, Wastewater Recycling Systems, and more. “Before they make an investment, customers want to know a company’s track record,” said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. “Our case studies share the… Continue Reading

The Three Basic Types Of Forklift Battery Handling Equipment and Their Benefits

When it comes to changing out forklift batteries, OSHA regulations have a lot to say. But of all the federal safety standards that cover the battery room, two stand out as the most vital. First, changing and charging forklift batteries should be done in a designated area of your facility. Second, forklift batteries should be changed using appropriate forklift battery… Continue Reading

Understanding How Forklift Battery Handling Equipment Improves Safety in the Workplace

Successful warehousing and logistics operations put safety first. It’s the right thing to do for employees, their families, and your enterprise’s competitiveness in the market. There are just a handful of industries that have more workplace injuries than the shipping and receiving industry, and with those injuries come lost time, increased costs, and decreased efficiency — to say nothing of… Continue Reading

Forklift Battery Handling Equipment for Park & Charge Applications

Park & charge technology is touted as an alternative to the conventional battery room. In the warehousing industry, where square-footage translates directly into revenue, that claim gets a lot of attention. But without battery handling equipment, forklift batteries will eventually wither and fail, leaving fleet managers scrambling for costly replacements. It is true that park & charge strategies can greatly… Continue Reading