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How to Choose The Right Operator Aboard Battery Extractor for Your Operation

If your forklift fleet continues to grow, the time will come when manually changing out batteries just won’t make practical sense. That’s when it’s time to make the investment in an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor. There are many types of Battery Extractors out there, and the many larger and finer points among them might seem a little bit confusing. When you’re shopping for what will be such an important investment, pay close attention to these five characteristics. Finding the perfect combination of each will keep your battery room humming along at an astonishing rate. The extractor arm – Look for a T-shaped extractor arm with enclosed components. A T-shaped extractor arm, as opposed to a dangling above-battery extractor arm, is…more

When to Upgrade From Battery Carriages to a Complete Operator Aboard Battery Extractor System

When it comes to forklift battery change-outs, a small warehouse operation with just one or two forklifts can get by with minimal battery handling equipment. Portable battery transfer carriages take the risk and strain out of battery handling, and they continue to pay dividends — as long as your fleet isn’t too large. But as your business expands, you’ll need a more comprehensive system to keep up with your growing battery collection. It can be a painful decision to upgrade equipment. But efficiency gains quickly pay back initial investments, and a skilled installation team can make the transition seamless. So when does it become worth it — even mandatory — to make the jump to a system that can handle…more

BHS Expands International Reach at MODEX 2016 Supply Chain Trade Show

April 19, 2016 – Atlanta, Georgia — Battery Handling Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of battery handling and warehouse equipment, entertained dealers and clients from around the world at the MODEX 2016 supply chain trade show. The four-day event took place April 4-7, 2016, at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. MODEX bills itself as “the greatest supply chain show on earth.” The 800 square foot booth BHS occupied for those four days was fit for an event with such an aspirational tagline. Offerings from BHS included the entire Mobile Showroom, a 53-foot trailer packed with BHS battery handling solutions, a fully operational Double Stack Battery Extractor (BE-DS), including Double Stack System Stands (BS-DS), an Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC), and a…more

BHS Slashes Change-Out Time as Battery Fleet Doubles at High-Volume Distribution Center

Excellent equipment can only take a battery room so far. To really achieve production gains, operations also need innovative designs, a detailed plan, and smart, effective leadership. BHS Products Discussed in This Case Study Single Level System Stands Reliable storage for forklift batteries and chargers Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers Durable steel construction Fully customizable Single Level Battery Extractor Heavy duty all-steel frame No exposed components Vacuum extraction reduces battery wear Dual extractor arm travel shafts for greater strength and stability BHS Battery Room Floors Meets or exceeds American Concrete Institute standards for flatness and levelness Four-layer construction Topcoat resists acid, chemicals, abrasions, and impact Structural Barrier Rails Powerful steel construction resists impacts up to 10,000 pounds at 4 mph Easily adjusted…more

Forklift Battery Handling Equipment for Smaller Fleets

Not every forklift user operates a vast fleet of hundreds. In fact, most don’t. A 2010 survey by industry journal DC Velocity found that the bulk of their respondents (57 percent) operated fewer than 25 lift trucks. Only 12 percent regularly used more than 100 trucks. The same survey uncovered another key statistic: almost 90 percent of the respondents said that their fleets included electric forklifts. When electric vehicles are in your fleet, care and maintenance of batteries becomes a crucial part of your operation. Battery handling equipment that’s up to the task is a must. For modest fleet-owners, that equipment probably includes a forklift battery carriage. But with so many models on the market, which one should you choose?…more

Battery Changing Solutions For Existing Pallet Trucks

Most of the published advice on forklift battery management is aimed at larger fleets. But what about the small operation — the kind that only runs one or two forklifts? Facilities with smaller forklift fleets — even down to a single truck — probably realize that an extensive forklift battery changing system doesn’t make sense for their bottom lines. After all, some users can go a couple of days without having to change out a battery. But even the single-truck facility needs an efficient means of swapping out batteries. Instead of a full Operator Aboard Battery Extractor System, managers in lighter-duty applications opt for a pallet-truck-mounted solution, like the Automatic Transfer Carriage from BHS. Truck-mounted battery changers meet the needs…more