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Forklift Battery Racks: Roller Beds vs. Slide Strips

Storage racks for forklift batteries must accommodate extreme weights and corrosive conditions. Ideally, they should also facilitate battery change-outs, helping battery rooms to operate at peak efficiency. Racking systems contribute to efficient battery changes by limiting the force required to pull the battery into the lift truck. Dense, heavy duty rollers in the battery bed provide the smoothest transfers, while… Continue Reading

BHS Introduces High-Value Cart and Shipping/Receiving Desk

St. Louis, Missouri – August 27, 2015 – Battery Handling Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of battery handling equipment, announced two new additions to its growing line of warehouse products. The BHS Shipping Receiving Desk (BHS SRD) and BHS High Value Cart (BHS HVC) are available through the company’s extensive vendor network. The products are designed to improve efficiency in warehouses and storage facilities while adding essential ergonomic and safety features. “Our goal is to create warehouse equipment that is durable, functional and secure,” said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. “Our engineering team looks closely at real-world operations in order to make key design improvements, and these new products certainly live up to our strong reputation for innovation.” The… Continue Reading

What is International Logistics?

If you’re involved with warehousing in any capacity, you’ve likely heard the term “international logistics.” It’s a fairly large and complex concept — in short, it encompasses the entire process of controlling the movement of goods as they travel from one country to another. International logistics includes a close consideration of every factor involved in the flow of products, people,… Continue Reading

Protecting Inventory and Tools With High Value Carts

From power tools and gas canisters to high-capacity printer cartridges, valuable items need to stay protected on the work site. Unfortunately, many businesses have trouble balancing security with accessibility. Every business that depends on high-value items can protect its investments with a secure storage cart. Industries that utilize multiple worksites have a prominent need for mobile storage, and high-value carts… Continue Reading

TT-960 AcidSorb Pillows for Drip Pans

Models Affected: All Battery Stands with Drip Pans Safer and simpler drip pan maintenance Description: As discussed in Tech Tip TT-908, proper drip pan maintenance is imperative to increase drip pan and stand longevity and protect battery room personnel from hazardous conditions. Drip pans are in place to catch and contain any battery boil-over produced during charging as well as acidic water draining from a battery transferred to the stand after washing or watering. If not monitored and maintained, the drip pans can become over-filled leading to damage to the pans, stands and battery room floor, as well as creating a hazardous environment for battery room personnel. In order to simplify drip pan maintenance, BHS now offers AcidSorb Pillows (ASP)…. Continue Reading

Planning a Spare Parts Inventory for Your Lift Truck Fleet

To keep your operation productive, you need to look for every possible way to improve day-to-day efficiency — and in many cases, this means planning for the unexpected. Every operation that uses material handling equipment will eventually need to repair both its lift truck fleet and its battery handling equipment, and immediate access to spare parts can drastically improve recovery… Continue Reading

Carts and Desks for Retail Distribution and Other Industrial/Commercial Applications

In many cases, the simplest material handling solutions are the most efficient. Reliable order picking carts and sturdy, well-equipped packing desks can optimize the order filling process for dozens of industries. Carts and packing desks are vital to material handling tasks, especially for warehouses and distribution centers (DCs) involved in retail logistics — but these dependable tools can also increase… Continue Reading

Melissa Rost Appointed Inside Sales Account Manager at Battery Handling Systems, Inc.

August 18, 2015 – St. Louis, Missouri — Battery Handling Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling and battery changing equipment, announced Melissa Rost as the company’s Inside Sales Account Manager for its North American warehouse equipment division. Rost will engage with BHS dealer partners, provide product training, and manage all aspects of the sales process from quote to shipment. As a warehouse equipment specialist, Rost has developed an extensive knowledge of BHS products, which will allow her to effectively inform BHS dealers and customers. “Melissa is our go-to person for our growing line of warehouse equipment,” said Julia Yank, Sales Manager at BHS. “She has great relationships with BHS clients, and we’re excited to see her excel in… Continue Reading

Order Picking and Shipping Strategies for Omni-Channel Retailers

In order to survive, online retailers need to streamline the order picking and shipping processes. Efficiency is always an important factor — regardless of the size of the operation — and while the largest distribution centers may rely on automated goods-to-picker systems, this technology isn’t cost efficient for small to mid-sized stores. The Internet provides these smaller retailers with ample… Continue Reading