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Benefits of Forklift Battery Handling Equipment vs. Fuel Cell Technology

Introduction: Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Material Handling Equipment Hydrogen PEM fuel cells eliminate the need for forklift battery changers and other infrastructure, and the availability of tax incentives have made fuel cells an attractive option for some extremely large operations. However, full utilization of fuel cells is not yet a cost-effective option for most facilities, especially when lead-acid batteries are… Continue Reading

Ergonomics in Material Handling

Introduction: The Importance of Ergonomics in a Safe and Productive Workplace Ergonomics refers to the science of optimizing physical movement to improve efficiency while limiting stress, and poor ergonomic practices can create serious safety hazards. By following best practices and by utilizing appropriate equipment, operations can reduce lost productivity while providing a better working environment for equipment operators and other… Continue Reading

BHS Adds Parallel Reel Payout to Growing Warehouse Equipment Line

The Parallel Reel Payout allows safer storage and management for cables in the warehouse. St. Louis, MO – In late 2014, Battery Handling Systems, Inc., or BHS, introduced another piece of their growing warehouse equipment line. The Parallel Reel Payout (PRP) is designed to provide storage and management for up to five different cables or wires in several reel combinations. BHS PRPs are designed for high-capacity cable storage and ensure that cables will not become tangled during payout. The PRP is a large reel with separate compartments for each type of cable. The units can be configured as five independently spinning compartments or three different combinations of independent compartments and multiposition, joined compartments, depending on the customer’s requirements. The compartments… Continue Reading

Reviewing 2014: BHS Celebrates the Year’s Accomplishments with New Video

St. Louis, MO – Battery Handling Systems, Inc., or BHS, has recently published an animated video reviewing the company’s activities and accomplishments in 2014. The 2-minute animation details projects and endeavors from all departments.  Marketing Manager Katy Cortinovis says the video was the perfect endnote for the year, “We’ve had an action-packed year and wanted to share our successes with our dealers and customers. The successes we’ve outlined in the video wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated dealers.” The video covers BHS successes from sales to research and development to marketing and branding. The video shows six new products introduced in 2014: multiple series of Lift Tables, a Dual Transfer Cart, a Parallel Reel Payout, Vertical Charger Mounts, dual… Continue Reading