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Planned Maintenance for Battery Handling Equipment

Everyone knows that cars need regular, scheduled maintenance to keep running at peak performance, and battery handling equipment is no different. No one wants to lose valuable time and productivity when a machine is down. Keeping a regular schedule of maintenance will extend the life of battery changing equipment and help limit emergency downtime. Daily equipment inspections and Planned Maintenance will ensure that equipment issues will be identified as early as possible. The sooner a problem is known, the sooner a solution can be found, and the sooner a facility will be back at peak performance. Make it easy for your technicians to inspect your BHS equipment by having them use the BHS checklists to conduct Daily and Planned Maintenance…more

BHS Cares

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the staff of BHS have teamed together to show their support and have made a donation to the St. Louis Breast Cancer Coalition.

Battery Room Best Practices Published

In the fall of 2012, a BHS customer asked if we had a list of general guidelines for maintaining the most efficient and safest forklift battery room. Of course, we had several documents outlining the various ways to maintain equipment, personnel safety, and workflow, but had not yet combined all of our recommendations into one easy-to-read document. In March of 2013, after months of research and deliberation, BHS proudly published BHS Battery Room Best Practices. Fast forward to the fall of 2014 – BHS Battery Room Best Practices has been referenced several times in industry blogs, infographics, and online videos. In fact, one customer recently argued that BHS Battery Room Best Practices was so valuable that we shouldn’t be giving…more

Visual Learners Rejoice

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners1? That means as many as 65% of your team will learn more easily by watching videos and live demonstrations in addition to reading a manual. In the same way that you recognize each team member has different talents, it is important to recognize that each team member has a different learning style. When considering which resources to use in your education and training plans, you can accommodate all learning styles. Visual learners require resources beyond written materials. They benefit most from watching videos, live demonstrations, and graphic presentations. BHS is committed to helping you increase productivity by accommodating the various learning styles of your team members. We have just released…more

Warehouse Education

Safety in the battery room and warehouse is no accident. Workplace accidents affect everyone’s bottom line. One key to prevention is education for all personnel. It’s always important to initially train and educate personnel about the policies, equipment, and operations in your facility, but education shouldn’t stop there. Sometimes continued training is a legal requirement, but more often than not it’s just best practice. Education and training are vital to fostering a strong safety culture and ultimately to preventing accidents, violations, and equipment failures in any facility. A fundamental safety measure is posting appropriate signage to warn personnel of potential dangers, to clearly identify the location of emergency equipment, and to keep safety top-of-mind. Make sure personnel understand the potential…more

BHS Overseas

Last month BHS traveled to São Paulo, Brazil for Movimat, an international transportation and logistics trade show, and to Moscow, Russia for CeMAT Russia, an international exhibition for material handling, warehouse equipment and logistics. These beautiful, fast-paced cities hosted very high energy shows and provided an opportunity for BHS to meet with several current and potential partners. With our extensive, global reach, it is such a pleasure to finally meet face to face with some of our current partners, not to mention the chance to introduce ourselves in person to potential and future partners in the industry. We take this opportunity to thank all of the individuals who set aside time to stop by our booths at Movimat and CeMAT…more