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Spotlight on BHS

From an Idea to a Company Seeing the need for more effective and efficient battery handling equipment, W. Martin Huber had an idea. In 1979, that idea became a company, Battery Handling Systems, Ltd. (BHS). BHS  has now grown into a world renowned manufacturer and supplier of storage and retrieval systems for industrial batteries.  BHS offers design, engineering, sales and support of battery handling equipment to customers all around the world. With Fortune 500 customers such as Lowe’s, Costco, and UPS, BHS has become well-known for their highly-engineered products and best-in-class service. What makes BHS unique is their ability to provide best-in-class service and support to their customers. Not only can they customize products to fit customer needs, but they… Continue Reading

BHS Performs Courtesy Tech Tours

Does your Battery Extractor need a check up? BHS provides courtesy Tech Tours to evaluate all Battery Extractor applications to assure the peak performance of your system. BHS Field Service Engineers demonstrate proper inspection procedures and provide preventative maintenance guidelines essential for maintaining the maximum up time on your battery extractor. Each BHS Tech Tour provides you with a complete report which includes a full system assessment to define and prevent any operational issues inhibiting your system’s output. For more information and to set up your personal Tech Tour Advantage, contact BHS today! Your Advantages: Maximizes run time Enhances awareness of technical problems which arise due to improper maintenance Provides recommended replacement and spare parts to help minimize any future… Continue Reading